Poster Printing

Information on large format poster (plotter) printing.

HP Designjet Z5400

Large Format Printer Poster order process.

  • Email requesting a poster
  • Please include a recharge number provided by your PI. ( Poster will not be printed until recharge number is received )
  • Please include the .ppt (or .pptx) or .pdf version along with the poster dimensions within the email'.
  • Submit order/files no later then 24 hours before deadline.
  • 'We'll print out the poster and email you when it's ready.

Info you should know before you print...

  • Please review your poster carefully before submitting.  Reprints are the same price as an original print.


  • The HP Designjet Z5400 prints from media fed from a roll. Various types of paper are available, with currently stocked widths of 36" and 42". The final size of your printout is somewhat dynamic. Although one dimension is controlled by the width of the paper installed, the other dimension is defined during the print setup process.
  • There is a recharge to cover supply costs. The current recharge rate is $35 per 4 feet of poster (1'-4' = $35; >4'-8' = $70, etc). The charge is the same whether using 36" or 42" rolls. Accepted accounts for recharge must be 19900 or donor accounts. Exceptions for other accounts must be approved by your account manager.