Web Design & Application Development


Content Management Systems (CMS)


Sitefarm: https://sitefarm.ucdavis.edu/ Mostly for departments but also for units and groups, a Drupal-Based UCD offering with multiple template choices. Available as of 2017.

Campus Wordpress: http://faculty.ucdavis.edu. No cost (see below). Primarily for faculty research groups, there are a selection of templates in the Wordpress content management system (CMS). May be one time $50 fee for domain name if it is something.ucdavis.edu (as opposed to something.lawr.ucdavis.edu).

Custom Design: Guillermo Jimenez, Metro IT developer, using Wordpress or Concrete5 CMSes , can customize a CMS site for faculty research groups at $70/hour. Basic templates and training available for 3 hours effort.