Using Adobe Acrobat the First Time

Acrobat 2019 released in late 2018 requires you to sign in with your UC Davis email address.
When logging into Acrobat for the first time you'll need to use your UC Davis email address and then set Acrobat as default PDF viewer.

As of late 2018, we will be installing a new version of Adobe Acrobat which will require you to register yourself with us (faculty and administrative staff already are) and log in with your email address. Here are the basic steps (along with some troubleshooting at the bottom):

Signing in with your UCD Email Address

1) As you're using your campus ID, it may guess who you are on the below screen if you're logged into a Windows system and logged in with your campus credentials. Either way, just click "Sign in Now".

2) Put in your UCD email address. When you click out of the field or press tab or do anything, it will send you to the next page so you won't even get to the point of putting in a password here.

3) Here you choose Enterprise ID

4) Enter your campus credentials in the familiar CAS login page. If you are a DUO user, it will prompt you for DUO credentials after this.

5) And finally you get a cheerful message wishing you the best of luck with the software.

Setting Acrobat as Default

1) You'll be shown this screen on first run. Press Continue to make Acrobat default PDF viewer.

2) Click the Change button.

3) Select Adobe Acrobat DC and press OK...then on the last screen press OK.


Acrobat Trial Screen pops up

If you see the below screen, choose "Back" and look for the "This is not my Login ID" link and click that. Re-enter your campus email address and things should progress normally.