Email Migration: Accessing your New Service

This article refers to accessing your new email service after you've requested migration from one to the other, whether it's Microsoft Office 365 or DavisMail (Gmail).



About 15 minutes after your migration begins, and almost certainly by the times listed in your confirmation email, you can log in to the web interfaces here to send and receive mail:

* Davis Mail
* Office 365

New mail you receive will show up immediately in the web interface. However, you'll notice that you won’t see all your old/current email right away. It will continue to trickle in as the migration runs. It should take no more than 24 hours for all of your email to be visible in DavisMail or Office 365 web interface (probably shorter).


Including POP/IMAP configuration and setting your GOOG passphrase

If you plan to use more than just the DavisMail Gmail web interface, please see this article for information on setting up POP and IMAP, as well as setting your GOOG Passphrase (which is required for POP/IMAP access). Also, because DavisMail uses Google's Gmail servers, you can find helpful information on setting up POP or IMAP in this Google help article.


If you plan to use more than just the Office 365 OWA web interface, please see this article for help with Office 365. If you just plan to use the web interface, there's not a whole lot of setup needed. If you use Outlook, it integrates nicely with Office 365 and most settings should be detected automatically. No matter what, see the above article and scroll to the list of other links for help on various Office 365 topics.


If you plan to use only the web interface and/or the official Gmail and Outlook Apps for iPhone/Android, then you shouldn't need to make any configuration changes; just log in to those with your account and mail should show up for you.
However, if you use a mail client application (Apple Mail, Thunderbird, iOS Mail, etc.) please click the relevant link below for setup instructions and other info (scroll down the linked pages until you see your email client listed). DavisMail note: you need to set up your GOOG Passphrase before you can use any IMAP/POP email clients, including another personal Gmail account.



If you're still having trouble with your new email, or worse, if you cannot access you email, or if you have any questions about any part of the process, please contact