Email, Calendars, & Collaboration

Campus E-Mail, Calendaring and Collaboration Options

Office 365, a cloud-based Microsoft Exchange service with an updated web interface. Used by all campus central administrative units and many academic staff units. Allows access to Skype for Business (neé Lync) instant messaging, a chat client for uConnect/Office365 users. New faculty, staff, and researchers are placed in Office365 by default. To switch to Davismail, contact Metro IT.

Web GUI:

Branded "Davismail", assigned to all students at UC Davis, this is UCD-branded Gmail. For non-student access, contact your IT folks and they'll discuss creating an account, migrating mail, and forwarding your campus email address to the new service.

Web GUI:

Note: Both services can have all the "apps" turned on except mail. This means if you are a Davismail user, you have access to all Office 365 apps and vice versa: Word Online/Google Docs, etc.

Note: The above services support all IMAP clients: Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Pine, smartphone email, etc. It is recommended that if you are using Outlook with the Office 365 service that you should use the Exchange protocol rather than IMAP.

Note: If you are a Windows or Mac user, one advantage of Office 365 is that the Outlook client integrates email as well as calendar services.

Cloud Storage

There are a few options for using your account for cloud storage and document collaboration beyond email and calendaring. These all have varying storage capacities, features, and security limits for what kind of data you can store. Like Dropbox but not Dropbox.

Google Drive. Allows you to store documents, photos, file as well as Google Docs, Sheets.

OneDrive. Same as Google Drive but part of the Microsoft Education Suite.

E-mail and Cloud-based Storage KnowledgeBase

You can answer many of your email and cloud-storage related questions yourself with a knowledgebase article from this site or from campus, depending on the email service you're using. How to configure your clients, how long email lasts, how to reset passwords, etc.

Campus KnowledgeBase