There are a variety of printers, some public, some owned by research groups, spread out amongst the buildings inhabited by LAWR, ETOX, and WFCB. There are, in general, two ways to connect to the printers:

Wired Network Access

If your computer is running Windows and is connected to the wired network, the printer may be installed on our print server:

  1. Tap the Windows key or click the Start button (the Windows button in the lower left of your task bar)
  2. Type: \\metro-print and press enter.

You should see a list of printers, sorted by building initials (PES, Meyer Hall: MH, Veihmeyer Hall: VH, Hoagland Hall: HH, Academic Surge: AS). Right-click the one you want to connect to and choose "Connect". Wait for the driver to be installed.

Wireless Network Access

Some of the printers are accessible via the wireless network. If the IP isn't written on the printer, you'll want to contact Metro IT for the information. Adding a printer is different for each operating system but in general:

  1. You'll need the IP Address and driver. The latter is available from the manufacturer's support site under the make and model of the printer. Unzip/extract the driver after downloading.
  2. Use your printer connection tool to add the printer by IP address.
  3. Browse for your extracted print driver when prompted.
  4. Name the printer.

Of course, if you have any questions or issues with installing or operating or clearing jams or replacing toner, please contact Metro IT.

Poster Printing

Please see this knowledgebase article for details on requesting posters.