Outlook Calendar with Plant Sciences

Setting up reservation calendars for Metro Staff


To be able to reserve calendars for LAWR equipment (projectors, laptops) and rooms (PES 3001, 2005, etc), we share calendar access with Plant Sciences. Administrative personnel who will be asked to reserve equipment and rooms will need access to the calendaring system.


Staff who are reserving rooms or equipment in LAWR will need to be added to the appropriate groups in Campus Active Directory. Please contact Metro IT.

Online calendar:


Step by step

  1. At this time, only the Office 365 web interface at https://365.ucdavis.edu works consistently. Please follow that link, log in, and open your calendar.
  2. One the left hand side, right-click Other calendars and choose Open Calendar.
  3. The PES rooms all begin with PES. Search on "PES 3001" for example, select it from the found list, and click Open.
  4. The LAWR calendars all begin with LAWR. Search on "LAWR" for example, select the calendar from the found list, and click Open.